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MegaMillions Winning Numbers

Saturday, Sat 21 Apr 2018

  • 1
  • 15
  • 18
  • 32
  • 45
  • 4
  • x2



MegaMillions Results, Winning Numbers and Awarded Prizes

Mega Millions Results from Saturday the Sat 21 Apr 2018: 1 , 15, 18, 32 and 45. Megaball: 4. MegaPlier: 2. Next Draw: Saturday, Sat 21 Apr 2018. Jackpot: $69 Million.

Mega Millions - $91 Million Jackpot for 12/09/2014

MegaMillions Christmas Jackpot

Make a wish – what would you most like to have for Christmas?

You think $91 million dollars would cover it? Probably right? That comes out at a bit over £58 million – which ought to more than cover this year’s Christmas cheer and enable you to start a whole new life in the New Year free from bills and worry.

Meanwhile America’s other supersized lottery, Powerball, has an upcoming jackpot of $60 million.

Supersized Jackpots

In the last draw nobody won the Mega Millions jackpot. This means tomorrow’s jackpot has swelled to $91 million.

When these massive American jackpots roll over, boy do they roll over! And it seems to be happening quite frequently lately. We had several big rollovers in summer, and another epic rollover again last month.

It started with a Halloween jackpot worth $284 million, which went unclaimed. So in November it rolled over, for only the tenth time in Mega Millions history, to over $300 million. Finally, in New York, one lucky player managed to scoop up an enormous $326 million – setting the winner up for a Thanksgiving well worth celebrating.

Will Lightning Strike Twice?

Now the big question stateside is whether or not it will happen again. Will the $91 million be scooped up tomorrow, or, will it rollover – and over – into yet another massive holiday jackpot?

Well, here’s a way to get the best of both worlds. By playing at Lottoland and using the DoubleJackpot feature you have the option of doubling your jackpot so even if it doesn’t roll over you still have the chance to win to $182 million, or £116.53 million. [Conversion rates via]

Players on this side of the Atlantic are starting to take note – especially now that both the big European lotteries, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions, are presently offering far lower jackpots. In the run up to Christmas it’s the big American lotteries that are offering the best chance of winning a total jackpot sum – especially if you use Lottoland’s NumberShield service to protect yourself from ever having to share your jackpot wins.

So don’t miss out on your chance to win yourself a massive Christmas bonus this year – play MegaMillions online at Lottoland today!

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