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MegaMillions Winning Numbers

Saturday, Sat 21 Apr 2018

  • 1
  • 15
  • 18
  • 32
  • 45
  • 4
  • x2



MegaMillions Results, Winning Numbers and Awarded Prizes

Mega Millions Results from Saturday the Sat 21 Apr 2018: 1 , 15, 18, 32 and 45. Megaball: 4. MegaPlier: 2. Next Draw: Saturday, Sat 21 Apr 2018. Jackpot: $69 Million.

$278m up for grabs in Mega Millions

There is currently a mega jackpot in Mega Millions

In an unprecedented move, Lottoland has boosted the Mega Millions jackpot for its players to an enormous $278 million once again proving itself as the undisputed king of online lotteries.

Play with the DoubleJackpot and you could win $556 million which would be the largest single pay out in history. Although the largest lottery prize of all time was a Mega Millions jackpot awarded on March 30, 2012 for $656 million taxes reduced its real value to $474 million. Since you pay no taxes at Lottoland if you win you’ll be taking the whole sum, all $556 million of it with the DoubleJackpot for yourself. That’s not just a life-changing amount of money, it would make you so rich you would literally not know what to do with it!

Don’t forget to play your lucky numbers in the upcoming draw of Wednesday 30th July. This weekend’s draw saw a jackpot rollover. But that does not mean there were no winners.

The drawn numbers from Saturday 26 July 2014 were 22, 29, 33, 41, 68 the Megaball was 12 and the big x5 MegaPlier was also drawn. No one picked up the jackpot or the 2nd prize but players who won smaller prize and selected the MegaPlier were 5x happier! 15 people landed in the 3rd prize tier and won $5,000 and two MegaPlier players won $25,000, which is not bad for 3rd place.

If you want to win big this weekend don’t settle for a small jackpot.

Play the $278 million Mega Millions jackpot with Lottoland and have a shot at putting yourself into the history books with the biggest prize ever awarded!

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