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Mega Millions Lottery – America’s Largest Lotto!

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One billion dollars. That’s how much you could win betting on the newly revamped Mega Millions lottery, the multi-state lotto with the world's biggest jackpots. Mega Millions once paid out a colossal $656,000,000, the 2nd biggest lottery prize in history. Now you go can online from anywhere in UK and have the chance to bet and win prizes worth hundreds of millions of pounds by placing a few quid on the Mega Millions lottery!

American Dream Lotteries with MegaMillions UK

For the first time ever, you can bet on MegaMillions online from within the United Kingdom at Lottoland UK. Put down a couple pounds on your lucky numbers for the chance to win the same gigantic jackpots!

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Mega Millions prizes tax-free from the UK

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At Lottoland UK any money which you win betting on MegaMillions will be tax free if you are a resident of the UK.

Mega Millions vs National Lottery and EuroMillions – why bigger is best!

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Mega Millions outshines the National Lottery in most aspects:

  • Bigger jackpotsThe average National Lottery jackpot is a mere £4,000,000. The average Mega Millions jackpot is £32,000,000.
  • The biggest National lottery jackpot ever won was for £42,000,000. The largest Mega Millions jackpot was for £405,000,000!
  • Your odds of wining a prize on Mega Millions are 1:15. Your odds of winning a prize on the National Lottery is 1:50.
  • Betting MegaMillions online at Lottoland costs £3.

It's easy to see why with bigger prizes and better odds for the same price Mega Millions is a better option than the National lottery. But what about EuroMillions, Europe's biggest lottery?

  • EuroMillions has a maximum jackpot of £161,000,000, the biggest lottery prize available in Europe but this is more than doubled by Mega Millions top payout of £405 million! To put those numbers into context, the EuroMillions jackpot would make you almost as rich as David and Victoria Beckham while the Mega Millions jackpot would make you wealthier than the Queen!
  • Your chances of winning a prize on EuroMillions is 1:13 and 1:15 on MegaMillions.
  • MegaMillions UK costs £3 to bet on at Lottoland and EuroMillions £2.

While EuroMillions definitely stacks up against Mega Millions better than the National lottery does, offering slightly better odds of winning, Mega Million awards much bigger payouts for the same price.

The Mighty Mega Millions Megaplier

megaplier allows to multiply the mega millions prize

Mega Millions has another fantastic feature to maximize your money! The Megaplier gives Mega Millions players the option to multiply any prize, apart from the jackpot, by 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x.

The Megaplier number is chosen at random, however in order to give players a better chance to win a bigger prize the 4x and 5x multipliers are weighted to be almost 60% more likely to be drawn than 2x or 3x! With such great odds of multiplying your prize it’s no wonder that Mega Millions has grown into America’s most popular lotto!

The Origins of Mega Millions

the mega millions origins and background

It may surprise you to know that Mega Millions comes from relatively humble beginnings. It was originally called the “Big Game”, a weekly lottery which was only offered in 6 eastern States. The idea of a multi-state lottery quickly became popular and an additional draw and bigger prizes were offered, attracting even more players hoping to choose the lucky numbers. As the Big Game grew, more and more States began to get involved and the lotto was rebranded as Mega Millions. By 2005, Mega Millions had become the most popular multi-state lotto in America and now 43 states as well as the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands are participants!